[VIDEO]”Gentse Gruut: A Woman’s Path to Pioneer”

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This mini-documentary captures the journey of Annick De Splenter, a female brewer based in the quaint city of Gent, Belgium. In a profession typically dominated by males and incredibly important to this country’s industry, Annick has made a name for herself after growing up in a family with a deep passion for the process of brewing. Her beer, however, is not like many others. Annick chooses to brew without the use of hops (the typical stabilizing agent for this fermentation) and adds in various mixtures of unique herbs and spices. The five pleasant beers, ranging from blonde to dark brown, attract tourists and attention from around the city and the globe every day. The Gruut brand has become so popular, in fact, that Annick is currently exporting to a variety of countries, including her two current projects: the United States and England. Her position at this brewery, from fermenting beer to marketing the products to connecting with guests each day, requires a substantial amount of hard work and determination. Annick’s incredible success, however, has proven that there are no barriers a woman cannot overcome and dominate – even if it’s guzzling a beer with the guys.

Chloe Teboe

Chloe Teboe

Journalism//Emerson College 2019

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